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About Us

Health and Pharma is a new-generation international news and communication platform. We strive to be among the most trusted news sources, reporting directly from the news sources. Our goal is to collaborate with health science and pharma professionals.

Please don't hesitate to reach out for any collaborative projects within the health sciences field. We are not just a news publishing platform; we also present the latest developments in this sector to our readers through training sessions, webinars, and live broadcasts on our website.

Objective and unbiased journalism adhering to universal publishing principles: Health and Pharma is committed to objective and impartial journalism, grounded in universal publishing principles. Our site prioritizes objectivity in its reporting, delivering a diverse range of news from medical technology and health economics to academic studies, medical congresses, professional association activities, and updates in the pharmaceutical industry.

Full cooperation with professional institutions: We recognize the significance of associations and institutions for health professionals and scientists. We aim to extensively cover the endeavors and contributions of these organizations and work collaboratively with the broader healthcare community.

Our publishing principles and mission: Health and Pharma upholds impartial publishing principles, maintaining an equitable stance towards every institution, organization, and individual. We are steadfast in our commitment to universal publishing standards. Our mission revolves around delivering independent journalism and ensuring effective communication channels.

Keeping pace with key developments in the medical world: The editors at Health and Pharma make it their mission to stay updated with the latest trends and scientific literature in the medicine and pharma sectors, delivering this knowledge to our readers. Additionally, we actively monitor and report on global medical congresses and symposiums.