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AbbVie Joins Forces with ConcertAI and Caris in Landmark Oncology Partnership

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10 January 2024

ConcertAI and Caris Life Sciences have formed a strategic partnership with AbbVie to accelerate oncology research and clinical trials. Utilizing AI and ML, they will leverage extensive clinical and genomic databases to optimize drug development and precision medicine. This collaboration aims to transform cancer treatment, focusing on developing targeted therapies through advanced technology and data analysis.

Uniting Forces in the Battle Against Cancer

AbbVie will gain access to Caris Life Sciences' extensive real-world, multi-modal oncology database and ConcertAI's substantial collection of research-grade clinical data across various cancers. This partnership is poised to transform how cancer therapies are developed, focusing on precision medicine to benefit patients most in need.

Tom Hudson, SVP and CSO of Global Research at AbbVie, emphasized the partnership's significance: “We are continuing to expand our drug discovery and development efforts in oncology, with the ultimate goal to deliver transformative treatments to cancer patients. This agreement marks a key step in that direction, as it represents a union of cutting-edge technology and pioneering science, leveraging the power of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to propel our efforts in the fight against cancer.”

Technology Meets Oncology

The alliance will utilize ConcertAI and Caris' clinical networks and laboratory capabilities, integrated with AI/ML technologies. This approach is designed to optimize clinical trials in oncology, enhancing patient enrollment and the overall effectiveness of these trials.

Jeff Elton, CEO of ConcertAI, highlighted the role of AI/ML in drug discovery, stating: "This partnership furthers our goals of enabling causal biological inferences, where multi-modal data can be integrated with AI/ML-based approaches in drug discovery, translation and development, to accelerate oncology pipelines, and allow our biopharma partners to discover and deliver better medicines faster."

Dr. George W. Sledge, Chief Medical Officer of Caris, expressed enthusiasm about supporting AbbVie's innovative work in oncology, potentially unveiling new targets and mechanisms to improve clinical trials and drug development processes.

A Step Forward in Cancer Research

The collaboration between ConcertAI, Caris Life Sciences, and AbbVie marks a paradigm shift in oncology research, aiming to fast-track the development of innovative cancer therapies and clinical trials. By harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), this partnership stands as a forefront initiative in revolutionizing cancer treatment and therapy development.

About ConcertAI and Caris Life Sciences

ConcertAI stands as a leader in Real-World Evidence (RWE) and Generative AI technology solutions, serving over 1,900 clinical sites and 45 biomedical innovators. The company has garnered accolades, including the KLAS recognition in 2020, 2021, and 2022. Caris Life Sciences, a pioneer in precision medicine, combines molecular science and AI to revolutionize healthcare. With its advanced molecular profiling and AI-driven algorithms, Caris has created a vast clinico-genomic database essential for early detection, diagnosis, and therapy selection in cancer treatment.


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