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Elicio Therapeutics' Novel Therapy Successfully Targets KRAS-Mutated Tumors

Elicio Therapeutics has announced breakthrough preclinical results that demonstrate the enhanced efficacy of combining TCR-T cell therapy with its proprietary lymph node-targeted Amphiphile (AMP) immunotherapy in eradicating solid tumors. This research, published in the journal Cancer Immunology Research, offers new hope for treating previously intractable solid tumors, including those with KRAS mutations.

Elicio’s innovative approach involves coupling this therapy with AMP immunotherapy, which is strategically delivered to lymph nodes - the command centers of the immune system. This combination has shown remarkable success in not only eradicating established murine solid tumors that were resistant to TCR-T cell monotherapy but also in providing long-term protection against tumor recurrence.

Peter DeMuth, Chief Scientific Officer at Elicio Therapeutics, emphasizes that the AMP treatment uniquely activates both adoptive and endogenous anti-tumor T cell immunity in the lymph nodes. “Optimization of TCR-T cell therapy could potentially have wide-ranging therapeutic benefits in many previously intractable solid tumors. In this study, we’ve demonstrated that boosting TCR-T cell therapy directly in the lymph nodes with AMP immunotherapy resulted in durable anti-tumor T cell responses and tumor eradication. The AMP treatment uniquely promoted potent mechanisms for immune activation in lymph nodes to invigorate both adoptive and endogenous anti-tumor T cell immunity.”

The study findings indicate that AMP immunotherapy enhances the delivery and effectiveness of TCR-T cells by reprogramming the lymph node environment to be more conducive to T cell expansion and function. Notably, the treatment led to epitope spreading, where the immune response extends to tumor-associated antigens not initially targeted by the therapy, thereby providing comprehensive tumor eradication and reducing the risk of recurrence.

Elicio’s lead asset, ELI-002, an mKRAS-specific AMP vaccine, has already shown encouraging results in preliminary Phase 1 trials involving patients with pancreatic and colorectal cancers. The vaccine elicited strong T cell responses and correlated with significant improvements in tumor biomarker response, reducing the risk of progression and death.

Robert Connelly, Chief Executive Officer at Elicio Therapeutics, highlighted the potential of the AMP platform to revolutionize treatment for patients with solid tumors, either as a standalone therapy or in combination with other strategies. The platform’s adaptability to various cancer targets and its ability to work in synergy with existing TCR-T cell therapies set the stage for its clinical advancement.

The proprietary AMP platform, originating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, exemplifies a novel approach in cancer immunotherapy. By specifically targeting lymph nodes, AMP immunotherapies are believed to induce more robust, functional, and lasting immune responses than conventional treatments.

Elicio’s ELI-002 is a promising candidate in the AMP portfolio, targeting multiple KRAS mutations prevalent in various solid tumors. Currently undergoing Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials, ELI-002 has the potential to cater to a broad patient population and combat resistance mechanisms in cancer treatment.

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