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Lexogen Unveils LUTHOR HD: A New Horizon in Single-Cell Transcriptomic Analysis


15 November 2023

In a significant advancement in the field of genomics and transcriptomics, Lexogen has introduced the LUTHOR High-Definition Single Cell 3' mRNA-Seq Kit, marking a new era in single-cell RNA sequencing. This development promises to enhance our understanding of cellular biology and could lead to groundbreaking discoveries in genomics.

The LUTHOR HD technology is a leap forward from traditional RNA sequencing methods. Its ability to detect a single gene copy within a cell allows researchers to analyze the complete transcriptome of each cell, capturing approximately 95% of expressed genes at a depth of 1 million reads. This high level of detail in gene expression profiling is unprecedented and could unveil previously hidden aspects of cellular function.

The core of LUTHOR HD's enhanced sensitivity is its THOR (T7 High-resolution Original RNA amplification) technology. This approach amplifies RNA directly from the original mRNA, bypassing the limitations associated with cDNA amplification in standard protocols. This innovation makes LUTHOR HD particularly effective in identifying low-copy genes, which are essential but often difficult to detect.

According to Filippo Passardi, Product Manager at Lexogen, one of the primary challenges in single-cell RNA sequencing has been detecting these low-copy genes. "LUTHOR HD tackles this challenge head-on, enabling researchers to explore the full spectrum of gene expression in single cells," said Filippo Passardi.

Apart from its technical prowess, LUTHOR HD streamlines the sequencing process. It eliminates the need for RNA purification, mRNA enrichment, or ribosomal RNA (rRNA) depletion. This simplification not only makes the procedure more straightforward but also more cost-effective, a benefit to researchers across the field.

The introduction of the LUTHOR HD kit is not just a product launch; it represents a paradigm shift in single-cell RNA sequencing. Its ability to delve deep into the transcriptomes of single cells could significantly advance our understanding of cellular biology.

Lexogen's commitment to innovation in genomics is further highlighted in their upcoming feature in November's edition of Nature Methods, where they will detail the capabilities of High-Definition Single-Cell RNA sequencing.

Founded in 2007, Lexogen has been at the forefront of transcriptomics and RNA analysis. The company's mission is to provide innovative and top-quality RNA analysis solutions and support. With the launch of LUTHOR HD, Lexogen reinforces its position as a leader in the field, continuing to offer groundbreaking solutions in genomics and transcriptomics.

About Lexogen

Founded in 2007, Lexogen excels in transcriptomics and RNA analysis, notably as the inventor of 3' RNA sequencing. Their offerings include unique solutions for single-cell and bulk RNA sequencing, RNA extraction, and other advanced RNA analysis tools. Lexogen stands out for its integrated NGS services encompassing everything from design to reporting. Headquartered in Vienna with a US subsidiary, the company is committed to delivering innovative and high-quality RNA analysis solutions and support to its customers.


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