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Roche and MediLink Collaborate to Develop Next-Generation Cancer Drug YL211


3 January 2024

MediLink Therapeutics and Roche have formed a global collaboration to develop YL211, an innovative antibody-drug conjugate targeting solid tumors. The agreement grants Roche exclusive rights for YL211's development and commercialization, potentially worth nearly $1 billion.

MediLink Therapeutics announced a worldwide collaboration and license agreement with Roche to develop YL211, a next-generation antibody-drug conjugate targeting c-Met in solid tumors. The agreement grants Roche exclusive rights for YL211's development, manufacturing, and global commercialization. The partnership will commence with MediLink and Roche's China Innovation Center initiating Phase I clinical trials, after which Roche will lead further development and worldwide commercialization.

The Deal: A Global Endeavor

MediLink is set to receive an initial $50 million in upfront and near-term milestone payments, with the potential for the total deal value to approach $1 billion, including additional milestone payments and tiered royalties on future global sales.

YL211: The Next-Generation Cancer Fighter

YL211 is a cutting-edge ADC specifically targeting c-Mesenchymal epithelial transition factor (c-Met), a key player in tumor growth and metastasis. It represents a new hope in addressing the significant unmet medical needs of patients with solid tumors. Utilizing MediLink's innovative TMALIN® ADC platform technology, YL211 has already shown promising efficacy and safety in various preclinical tumor models.

The Role of MediLink and Roche

MediLink, a biotech company founded in 2020, brings its expertise in developing globally competitive conjugated drugs and its proprietary TMALIN® technology to this partnership. Meanwhile, Roche's China Innovation Center of Roche (CICoR) will collaborate with MediLink to initiate the Phase I clinical trial of YL211, after which Roche will spearhead further development and global commercialization.

MediLink Therapeutics, with its headquarters in Suzhou and subsidiaries in Shanghai and Boston, specializes in creating conjugated drugs aimed at unmet medical needs. Their TMALIN® ADC technology platform is a testament to their innovative approach in improving treatment options for solid tumors.

TMALIN: A Novel Platform

The TMALIN® platform stands out with its unique dual cleavage mechanism, leveraging both the tumor microenvironment and traditional lysosomes. Its superior features include high hydrophilicity, stability, and tumor accumulation characteristics, promising a wider therapeutic window than existing ADC technologies.
With MediLink's pioneering technology and Roche's global presence, YL211 could potentially revolutionize cancer therapy, bringing new, more effective treatment options to patients around the world. 

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