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Monteris Introduces Smallest NB3 Laser Probe for Brain Tumor Surgery

Monteris Medical announced the commercial release of the NeuroBlate NB3 FullFire 1.6mm Laser Probe, the smallest brain surgery laser probe available. This pioneering device promises versatility in treating tumors, including pediatric cases. Its adaptability in multi-trajectory procedures makes it a game-changer in brain surgery. With FDA clearance, the NB3 Probe represents a significant advancement in neurosurgery.

Martin J. Emerson, President and CEO of Monteris, expressed excitement about the NB3 probe's potential impact, particularly in pediatric LITT procedures. He emphasized the device's synergy with Monteris' leading software and robotics, providing neurosurgeons with unparalleled precision and flexibility. Emerson stated, “We expect the forward-thinking engineering incorporated into NB3 will become the platform for our future probe designs. In addition, our near-term cadence of new software releases will put even greater options in the hands of our neurosurgeon customers.”

The NeuroBlate NB3 probe's compact size belies its power, incorporating advanced laser and cooling technologies that enable a wide range of ablation sizes and trajectory lengths. This flexibility is crucial for effectively targeting a spectrum of conditions, including tumors and epileptogenic foci, even in pediatric patients.

FDA 510(k) clearance for the NB3 probe was granted in December 2023, followed by a limited market release in February 2024 at leading institutions across the United States. During this phase, surgeons explored its capabilities across various workflows, lesion types, sizes, and patient profiles. Impressively, the probe demonstrated efficacy in ablating lesions ranging from less than 10mm to nearly 30mm in diameter, including deep-seated targets and multiple trajectory procedures.

The NB3 probe's versatility extends to its power settings, which range from six to 12 watts, facilitating small to large ablations. Physicians involved in its initial use reported shorter ablation times.

Monteris is set to showcase the NB3 probe alongside advanced thermography for the NeuroBlate System at the upcoming American Academy of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) annual meeting in Chicago from May 3-6, 2024. This unveiling underscores the company's commitment to innovation and collaboration within the neurosurgical community.

Monteris Medical specializes in MR-guided ablation systems for minimally invasive brain surgery, offering solutions for conditions such as brain tumors, radiation necrosis, and epileptic foci. The NeuroBlate System, their flagship product, uniquely combines robotics with laser energy delivery, setting a new standard for safety and efficacy in neurosurgical procedures.

About Monteris and the NeuroBlate System

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